wendy shaffer, poet

Wendy Shaffer is a gratefully recovering poet who lives in the city of Cleveland amid firecrackers, roosters, boom boxes, gunshots, small children with muddy little hands & feet, her brother, Marian, 17 cats & 2 dogs. She likes animals. She has a BFA in writing from Carnegie Mellon University & an MFA in the same from Bowling Green State University. Shaffer's poetry blog, house of cats, features many Cleveland poets.


22 years by wendy shaffer22 years
collected poetry by wendy shaffer. paperback, 184 pages.

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some words

“between her habits of nasty men and assorted debaucheries lies the philosophy of good waitressing and bleach. a woman of age inviting men not. tantalizing in a quirky side-step of dead hearts, mandrake, golf, bug eyes and the holy ghost. shaffer is the one poet to have when you're having more than one.” – cheryl townsend

“love, humor, and honesty from an adroit practitioner of the language who has lived her compassion where others have merely contemplated it. wendy shaffer's poems, like so little else in our society, always make me feel more human.”
– terry provost

“22 years is a book of relationships: good relationships, bad relationships, family, friends, money, soap opera, sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, love, life, and one's self. a poetic feast with a dash of wry.”
– steven b. smith

"when it comes to poetry, wendy shaffer is god."
– jesus crisis

Wendy Shaffer, Poet
Cleveland, Ohio